Natalie Schwarz


Born in 1987

2007 Abitur (A-levels)

2010 Double-Major Bachelor of Arts in 'German Linguistics' and 'English and American Cultural and Literary Studies' (University of Paderborn)

2012 Master of Arts in 'English' (Creative Writing, University of Sydney, Australia)

2014 Master of Arts in ‚English and American Cultural and Literary Studies' (University of Paderborn) Since 2017 intensive occupation with painting, especially acrylic on canvas and mixed media


As wife and mother of three children, and at the same time as 'beauty-lover', Natalie is thrilled to rediscover creativity in different ways. Besides abstract and realistic painting with acrylics and mixed media, writing poems has also become her passion. Her fascination with colors and their inexhaustible possibilities of combination are reflected in the variety of her works of art. Since Natalie combines painting with freedom, she doesn't just allow herself to go in one direction, but likes to try out different techniques and styles. It is important to her to be guided by the Spirit of God, who for her is the origin of all beauty.


Inspired by verses, visions and dreams, or feelings of her fellow human beings, she captures them on canvas in terms of color. Natalie describes her painting process as:


"Healing of my own soul, liberation from boundaries and limitations and in its final product as healing and release of other souls.“






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