“Painting is mute poetry, and poetry is blind painting.”

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

When I paint, I love to give up 'control' so that an image can develop itself. This applies above all to abstract painting. While doing so, I listen to what comes from within. A painter's inventiveness reflects the creator's creativity. He has created each one of us and each element in nature uniquely and beautifully. God is an artist. Since his spirit dwells in his children, that which comes from our hearts is often also an image of his divinity. Although I am anxious to give each picture its uniqueness, there is one element that connects almost all of my pictures: Go(l)d. Whether as spray, acrylic paint, metallic foil or other material… In the color gold I see the glory of God and so also in most of my pictures some divinity finds its way through. I especially like to paint Bible verses. To me they are words of life. When I paint, I want to express not only beauty, but also a hopeful glance into the future. Thus, the picture lives on in its completion.

According to Malachi 3,20:

"But to you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise, and healing will be under their wings; and you will come out and hop like calves out of the stable!“


Poetry vs Painting

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